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The Filter 411

Furnace filters…. there are so many! I’m here to give you some helpful information to keep your air clean, so breath easy.

Size. The size Is important when it comes to proper filtration. An oversized filter won’t fit, and an undersized filter won’t, well, filter! Having gaps around the area where a filter inserts can allow for unfiltered air to pass through to your system and your home. Filters will be stamped or marked with a measurement indicating the size. If for some reason you can’t read the stamp simply measure the filter. If you already have an improperly sized filter you can measure the filter housing it inserts into. In some cases, a sealant metal tape is used to completely close any gaps. Some filter sizes are common and easily found at hardware stores, others must be special ordered.

Speaking of those big box store super filters. Many of the off the shelf filters that claim to super clean the air can be damaging to your equipment over the long haul, here’s why. The slim filters that filter out very small particulates (lower micron ratings), do just that. They filter large and small particulates and, in the process, significantly diminish air flow. The continued process of restricting air flow puts added strain on your blower motor causing undue wear on your furnace and its components.

You may be wondering then “how can I clean my air and still be nice to my furnace?”. A larger width pleated high micron air filter is the solution to this problem. An “HE” or High Efficiency filter will allow for stellar air filtration while still allowing for proper air flow through your system. HE filters utilize the extra surface area provided by a 4-5” wide filter cartridge with a pleated, accordion style media in between. These filters are typically more expensive to replace however that cost is offset by the fact that you only need to change them every 6 months to a year! By adding a high efficiency air filter and an ultraviolet light to your furnace you can eliminate dust mites, dander, smoke and many other breathing irritants.

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